SignaRoad® is the Most Versatile Medium-duty
Composite Mat in the Industry

SignaRoad® is designed to create a medium-duty temporary roadway or pedestrian accessway quickly and easily. From temporary roadways for remote utility repair projects to pedestrian accessways for concerts and music festivals, SignaRoad provides superior temporary access and ground protection for almost any vehicle, with advanced design features and an easy-to-use connection system.

Actual Size

6.8′ (L) x 10′ (W) x 2.5″

2 m (L) x 3 m (W) x 6.4 cm

Usable Platform

6′ (L) x 9.3′ (W) x 2.5″

1.9 m (L) x 2.8 m (W) x 6.4 cm

Usable Roadway

6′ (L) x 10′ (W) x 2.5″

1.9 m (L) x 3 m (W) x 6.4 cm


496 lbs. (225 kg)

Weight Load

400 lbs. sq./in.

Shipping Info

90 mats per standard 40′ shipping container or 53′ truck

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