Rumber Oilfield Applications

Rumber products are proven effective through multiple types of uses in the oilfield.


Trailer Flooring

Rumber’s slip resistant traction flooring helps secure equipment on trailers and ensures proper handling.


Set Back Areas

Rumber boards are the best solution for racking and matting boards in set back areas.


Portable Set Back Areas

Matting boards or pads made of Rumber protect valves and other equipment while being refurbished.


Rig Mats

Rumber boards are the long-term solution for problematic rig flooring, providing maximum durability and traction.


More Oilfield Applications

Pipe racks, rig ramps, dunnage boards, frac pads, and more can all benefit from Rumber’s long lasting products.


More Rig Applications

Rumber is used for sound abatement, dog houses, catwalks, saver subs and more on oil and gas rigs.

Rumber Oilfield Features & Benefits


Impervious to Fluids

Rumber will not absorb water, oil, mud, gasoline, diesel, or other fluids.


No-Slip Traction Surface

Our boards are textured to increase safety by offering excellent gripping capabilities.


ASTM Tested with all drilling muds

ASTM standards help ensure high quality and workmanship across our products.


Most Cost-Effective Option

Rumber boards are the long-term cost solution for all flooring needs.


Durable and Long-Lasting

Rumber boards are stronger and more durable than wood, will not rot, are impervious to liquids, and UV resistant.


Will Not Damage Pipe Threads

Rumber material is textured and flexible, making it impossible to damage pipe threads.

Satisfied Customers

2000+ customers trust Rumber for all of their oil filed equipment, transportation and decking needs.

What Others Are Saying

“In December of 2001, I replaced my set back area with Rumber. I have been working on an oil rig, drilling in the oil field for over 20 years. I have drilled all over the world – Texas, California, Dakotas, Midlde East, South America and Offshore. We installed a Rumber set back area on my rig and have yet to have replaced the set back area. If I was using wood I would have had to replace my wood set back area 4-5 times.
Rumber has increased my rig’s performance, safety, around 4-5 times less downtime, and saved my company money. Rumber Rocks.”
Jeff Billings
Tool Pusher
Kilgore, Texas

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